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Pepper Steak with Balsamic Onions – Nocturne

One of our favorite things about Syrah is the notes of pepper and spice in the finish. Our Nocturne is mostly Syrah with a shot of Mourvèdre and bit of Carignane so it pairs perfectly with this simple Pepper Steak garnished with onions.

Pot o’ Gold Stew – Syrah

Years ago I ran across this beef stew recipe in a magazine. They billed it as “the closest thing to happiness this sorry planet can offer” and they weren’t wrong. Use our Syrah – 2 cups for the stew, 2 glasses for the chef – and you achieve perfection.

Port Wine Dark Chocolate Reduction – Port

A rich, dark, chocolate sauce made with port wine for a grown-up ice cream sundae topping. Use the best chocolate you can find, we recommend either Ghiradelli or Guittard.