La Vie Dansante Wines

Why “La Vie Dansante”?

It’s been said that a “good” life is one that is spent dancing and La Vie Dansante strictly translated means “The Dancing Life”.
But it’s not just about dancing, it’s about a lifestyle.
In the past I’ve chased what I thought passed for wealth and success only to find that after I had them in my hands I was actually holding nothing. To me La Vie Dansante articulates my dream of the perfect life. A life spent surrounded by friends enjoying food, wine, music and camaraderie. Things with real value.
Astute friends will make the connection between my longtime love of the music of Jimmy Buffett and a song that he wrote back in 1984 called “La Vie Dansante”. Yes, to borrow from winemaking, his words in that song provided the yeast that drove the fermentation of what became my philosophy for life – for which I’ll be eternally grateful – but there’s been several decades of work done on the concept since then and I like to think La Vie Dansante in its current form has become a personal thing unique to myself – and the many friends who surround me.