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Chicken Piccata Skewers – Picpoul blanc

 Spring, along with birds, bees, and flowers, brings a turn to lighter fare and white wines.  Tasting Picpoul blanc has always reminded us of lemons, sunshine and Chicken Piccata so it seems time to share our favorite recipe for Piccata Skewers.

Lasagne di Mare – Grenache blanc

Some people might think that seafood and cheese don’t belong together but we’re here to prove them wrong! This seafood lasagna pairs perfectly with our Grenache blanc

Chili Verde – Viognier

Chili Verde may seem like a strange pairing with Viognier but when you think about it, it’s just about perfect.

Bean With Bacon Soup – Aubade

This soup began as our “vegetarian” choice for a spring wine club release. It was a hit but we heard time and again – “it would be GREAT with some bacon”. They weren’t wrong…and our Aubade white cuvee helps too!

Chicken and Sausage Cassoulet – Roussanne

At the end of harvest a young man’s fancy turns to… cassoulet! A loose, almost soup-like stew bursting with the rich flavors of cured meat and beans. This dish will pair equally well with our Roussanne or our Nocture.

Turkey, Cranberry, Bacon & Brie Sandwiches – Grenache Rose

The perfect use for left over Turkey on the day after Thanksgiving, and the perfect pairing for La Vie Dansante’s Rosé of Grenache!