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Julia Child’s Bouillabaisse – Roussanne

Ask ten french chefs to define the quintessential Bouillabaisse and you’ll get 11 different answers so we’ve decided to defer to “The French Chef” herself, Julia Child.  Pair this wonderful dish with La Vie Dansante’s Roussanne.

Roasted Vegetables with Roasted Pepper Hummus – Mourvedre Rose

A twist on the summer classic “Hummus and Veggies”, roasting the vegetables ads a certain “je ne sais quoi”, perhaps elegance, to a simple snack.  Pair with our Mourvèdre Rosé for a pre-dinner treat.

Smoked Gouda Mushroom Quesadilla – Grenache Rose

The perfect entree for an outdoor lunch or picnic, the slightly spicy smokiness of these quesadillas is perfectly complimented by the fruit-forward Rosé of Grenache.

Hungarian Goulash – Grenache

Goulash is, at its soul, a braised-beef stew. In the true Hungarian version it’s full of fun spices like paprika, caraway, and oregano. We think it demands to be paired with an equally complex wine such as our Grenache.

Pot o’ Gold Stew – Syrah

Years ago I ran across this beef stew recipe in a magazine. They billed it as “the closest thing to happiness this sorry planet can offer” and they weren’t wrong. Use our Syrah – 2 cups for the stew, 2 glasses for the chef – and you achieve perfection.

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken – Serenade

Bursting with briney deliciousness from the Capers, Kalamata Olives, and Feta Cheese, this bold summer chicken dish pairs perfectly with our Prelude GSM Blend. Best served outside surrounded by friends!