La Vie Dansante Wines

Mark Thompson

Supporting Cast - Mark Thompson

Mark and his wonderful wife Cheryl stopped by the winery one day during July of 2020 and he hasn’t left since. It’s not that we’re holding him hostage… it’s not that he refuses to leave… it’s just that Mark is a hard-working, inquisitive person who was looking for a project, and La Vie Dansante Wines is definitely a project – in every sense of the word.

Mark brings a ton of scientific experience to the winery as well as a far more energy than anyone should rightly have (he does his 10,000 steps BEFORE coming to work in the morning). He’s the driving force behind us tackling the hard tasks like filtering wine, or cutting weeds in the vineyard. He has helped us set up a full-scale wine lab and insists that we work to decimal point precision when before we were always a “close-enough” operation. Not only does he force us to get things done on time, he makes us better. Everybody should have a Mark.